why build


Built perfectly to fit

Building a new home is most likely the largest investment you will make in your life. This is your opportunity to build your home exactly the way you want it.


Order what you want

You pick the features and the contractor makes it happen.

You choose your homebuilder

Hire based on reputation, track record, and skills so you get the best possible product.

Energy Efficiency

Reduce your carbon footprint. Better insulation, energy efficient appliances, top-grade heating and cooling systems make it easy on the planet as well as your account.


Materials and construction techniques for new homes have never been better. You can enjoy a fine quality and trouble-free home for years.

Clever Designs

Form, function and leading edge styles, open floor plans, enticing living areas are the norm. Choose the best features that suit you and your family.

Great Finishes

Select from standard and upgrade options to fit your budget and lifestyle.

You know what went into the home

Being part of the process allows you to see what is underneath.

Peace of mind

With your new home you know what you've got. Everything is brand new and you won't have to worry about repair and replacement costs for a long time.